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Trucking Crash Injuries

We understand trucking crash injuries and what the injured person needs to get the best recovery from both workers' compensation and motor vehicle insurance.

A Trucking Crash injury often requires both a Workers’ Compensation attorney and a Personal Injury attorney.

Workers’ Compensation benefits are recoverable if you are working at the time of the crash. The Personal Injury attorney is to pursue recovery from any at-fault party, in addition to a full recovery of workers’ compensation benefits from your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company.

Workers’ Compensation benefits can vary significantly from state to state and it is crucial that the proper state be chosen for workers’ compensation coverage. North Dakota and Indiana are among the worst states for workers’ compensation benefits in the United States. Often trucking companies and workers’ compensation insurers do not fully advise injured workers that the worker can choose more than one state for those benefits and that workers’ compensation benefits can be available in a state with much better benefits than initially offered to the injured worker.

Sometimes the (non-workers’ compensation) Personal Injury case can also be brought in a state that is more favorable than another state where the action can also be brought.

Rodgers Law Office will fully advise you as to the best state or states to choose for both your workers’ compensation case and any personal injury case (in addition to workers’ compensation).

Rodgers Law Office does not hesitate to associate with other high-quality law firms when we feel it is necessary to get the best possible result for each and every client with no additional attorneys fees charged to the client. As with all of our clients, there is no fee until we get our injured client the best recovery possible.

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