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Firm Overview

Two Things To Know About The Offices of Rodgers Law Office

  1. We wear suits in court because that’s the rule. At our offices, we don’t wear them.
  2. Our office doesn’t have an answering machine during business hours. When you call, a human being will talk to you.

Those two things may not seem important, but they are important. They mean we are not the kind of lawyers who put themselves above their clients. We are always on your side, always representing your best interests, always seeking the best possible outcome for you.

Other law firms will say that, but ask our clients and they will tell you we mean it.

When Mark Rodgers was growing up, his dad was a union rep, and the rights of the “little guy” were his dad’s great passion. “We’re very connected to the community,” Mark says.

Although we handle cases from all corners of nearby states, our emphasis is on cases local to the Northland around the Bemidji area. This local focus gives us familiarity with local insurance representatives, defense attorneys, judges, medical facilities, physicians, and law enforcement, which aids us in maximizing our clients’ monetary recoveries. 

Out-of-the-area lawyers who solicit clients from this region are at a distinct disadvantage in this regard. We grew up in the Northland and currently live here. Our children go to school here, our extended families are scattered throughout the region, and we actively contribute to the local community. This is not a faceless business. We are part of the fabric of the larger Northland community as a whole.

Beltrami County Lawyers Serving Minnesota and North Dakota

Rodgers Law Office is a firm representing everyday people like yourself, people who have gotten badly hurt and need help, and the insurance company won’t honor their claim. Every case is important to us whether big or small.


We represent people in two kinds of claims: workers’ compensation and injury law.

Workers' Comp Cases

Our clients are people who usually find themselves in serious trouble because of an injury they sustained. In workers' comp cases we help them to win compensation to cover the cost of doctor and hospital bills, time away from work, job retraining, benefits for permanent injuries and for your spouse and dependents in case you die from the injury.

Injury Cases

In injury and third-party liability cases, we are able to go even further, seeking damages for pain and suffering and sometimes, as in cases where the injury is caused by a drunk driver, seeking punitive damages, which increase the total compensation claim. If a just settlement cannot be negotiated, our trial team strives to get the best possible result for you at trial.

In addition to motor vehicle cases, we file injury claims for:

  • Crashes in which pedestrians are seriously injured
  • Serious slip-and-falls, in which people are injured on someone else’s property
  • Attacks and injuries in unsecured or inadequately or poorly signed areas
  • Injuries occurring on industrial and construction sites
  • Cases in which a product defect, like bad brakes, results in serious injury
  • Attacks by dogs and other animals

We also help when people’s requests for Social Security Disability and unemployment insurance have been denied.


Mark, Kristen and Jim are supported by a highly professional staff that has many years of experience in dealing with injury litigation and the practice of law. We are firmly committed to the best possible representation for you. Our philosophy is people over profits!

In Minnesota and North Dakota, the lawyers to call are the Bemidji attorneys at Rodgers Law Office, toll-free at 855-644-6587, or email us using this form.